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The Electronic Grosseteste is a freely accessible, web-based project that supports advanced research in the life and works of Robert Grosseteste specifically, and in medieval studies generally. Since its inception in 1998, The Electronic Grosseteste has had three aims: (I) to provide electronic resources for research in the writings of Grosseteste, as well as the intellectual and cultural history of the thirteenth century; (II) to provide global access to texts that are currently out of print and in public domain; and (III) to provide a searchable database of published texts (which are not part of any other searchable database) which can facilitate the creation of editorial apparatus, support text-based research in a number of disciplines, and even provide opportunities for linguistic analysis of medieval Latin texts. To date, the project has produced a searchable bibliography (updated to 2003), electronic versions of Grosseteste's writings in public domain, and the digitization of texts still under copyright. The last two components are also searchable (although the site's search engine is still under development).

\With these components complete, the Project, beginning in 2005, will focus on an additional aim: the revision of S.H. Thomson's The Writings of Robert Grosseteste. This task will comprise a complete overhaul of the cataloguing system of Grosseteste's works, updates on the status of the works listed (e.g. if a text is now proven to be inauthentic), and a revision of the manuscript listings and publication details for each entry. The work will be completed by members of the International Grosseteste Society, under the general direction of the Project's Director, Dr Ginther.