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Each bibliographical record contains the following elements: author(s), title [article and essay titles are separated from their journal or collection title], editor(s) [where appropriate], series title [where appropriate], and publication data [journal+volume or city+publisher+date], to which of the seven categories the record belongs, which works of Grosseteste are referenced, and relevant notes [such as alternative publication data, etc.]. Records also record the relevant ISBN or ISSN as well as the LCSH and LCC--however, these elements are currently unavailable for searching and will not be displayed in the search returns.

Keep in mind that the bibliography is diacritically sensitive: theologie will not return records that have théologie.Users may include diacritically marked letters by entering their ASCII encoding in the search query text box. This is done by holding down the keyboard's ALT key and typing in the number. A list of the relevant ASCII codes is available for consultation.

Future revisions of the bibliography will include (in the notes element) English translations of foreign language titles to facilitate searching.