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Help for Database Search

This Help File contains the following:

  • Rules for searching the database
  • List of Texts in the Database, and the sub-categories

Rules for searching the database

1. You may enter up to three separate search terms. Any of these terms may be one word or a phrase of words. Wildcards are permitted for individual words, but not in phrases. For example, aspectus mentis is a valid search phrase, but aspect* mentis is not. However, you may enter aspect* and mentis as two separate search terms. Common words such as conjunctions (et, sed, etc.), postpositives (enim, vero, etc), prepositions (in, post, sub, etc.) and demonstrative and relative pronouns are not valid search terms.

2. You may choose the boolean operator. AND is the default, meaning that search will return results which contain all the terms entered. OR will return results which contains at least one of the terms entered. The Boolean operator NOT is unavailable in this search engine.

3. You may select what part of the database you wish to search. The default setting is the entire database, but you may choose a single work or one of four sub-categories: The Letter collection, the Dicta transcription, Grosseteste's theological works, or his philosophical works. You may not select two or more works from the list.

List of Texts in the Database

The Drop-down box on the search page contains a complete list of the database. The sub-categories contain the following works:

1. Letters. 129 Letters edited by H. Luard in the Rolls Series. Letter 130 is inauthentic and so has not bee included in the database.

2. Dicta. All 147 Dicta, transcribed by J.W. Goering.

3. Theological Works, as suggested by J.R. Ginther in a 2003 article: Dicta 1-147, Confessione I, De Confessione II, Confessione III, De Confessione et Modo Confitendi Peccata, De Modo Confitendi (Canones Penitenciales), Templum Dei (Distincciones or De Articulis Fidei), Super Psalterium, De Libero Arbitrio I, De Libero Arbitrio II, De Forma Prima Omnium (De Unica Forma Omnium), Hexaëmeron, De Intelligenciis, De Operacionibus Solis, De Ordine Emanandi Causatorum a Deo (De Eternitate Filii in Divinis), De Sciencia Dei , De Veritate, De Cessacione Legalium, De Dotibus, De X Mandatis, Meditaciones, Grosseteste at the Papal Curia in 1250

3. Philosophical Works: